According to the Telegraph, Dubose Porter, the House Minority Leader, says

“It shuts the public out of government . . . .It’s just as bad for rank-and-file
Republicans as it is for Democrats.”

Richardson, a Dallas Republican, said the new rules will help make state government more efficient. He said his party is no more abusive of power than were Democrats under former Speaker Tom Murphy, D-Bremen.

“Rep. Porter’s clearly in denial that he lost the election,” Richardson said. “I think Georgians are closer to where we are than where the Democrats are.”

The problem for Porter is he’s upset the Democrats never thought of it. Here’s an idea for Porter. Since the Dems bought and paid for Leah Sears spot as Chief Justice this year, run to court and have the rule overturned. While no court should do that, you might just find a friend in court willing to wage war against the GOP on your behalf.

Oh, and there is this:

Some Democrats criticized the speed with which Richardson called for a vote on the new rules, overruling attempts at debate. Rep. David Lucas, D-Macon, stood up and shouted, but was without a microphone and was drowned out and ignored by the speaker.

Heh. Welcome to the minority Mr. Lucas. May you be treated with the same respect you showed Republicans when they were in the minority. Again — heh!