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The AJC covers it.

The 2005 General Assembly session opened this morning with Republicans taking charge of the House for the first time in 135 years and formally electing the first GOP speaker.

State Rep. Sharon Cooper (R-Marietta) stood before the House just before 11 a.m. to officially nominate state Rep. Glenn Richardson, of Dallas, for the speaker’s job.

“Glenn will put people before politics and will work for the good of the state, not the spoils of politics,” Cooper said.

Her nominating speech drew a standing ovation from Republicans, who control the House, 99-81. Some Democrats, including Minority Leader-elect DuBose Porter, of Dublin, did not stand.

Republicans in the House met shortly after the Nov. 2 elections to pick Richardson as their choice for speaker.

He immediately went to work making plans for major changes in the House, including a new key-card voting system and sweeping changes to rules that govern the 180-member chamber.

Richardson, a Paulding County attorney and eight-year House veteran, was officially picked at 11:10 a.m.

House Democrats, now the minority, offered their own candidate. But even some of them supported Richardson’s nomination.

The official vote was 117-60 in the 180-member House.

While I was invited to attend by my clients who won, another client had a crisis that kept me in town.

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