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With a hat tip to Instapundit, Reason Magazine’s blog, Hit and Run, is having an interested debate through a comment thread.

Tim Cavanaugh thinks it is bad form for a tourist to go enjoy his vacation in Thailand. Many of the commenters think it’s fine, as do I. The local ecomony is tourist driven. The guy called the resort, they still wanted him there, so he and his buddies went.

They are helping keep businesses alive that would otherwise collapse and add to the unemployment rolls in a time when people need income. Can’t get more free market than that.

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  • As I recall, the “experts” recommend returning to a “normal” life as soon as possible after a tragedy. They explain there is comfort in the daily routine to you psyche.

    It’s possible the return of tourists — allowing workers in the area to return to some semblance of a “normal” life — is actually helpful psychologically as well as economically to the populace.

    Feedback on this anyone?

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