A couple of days ago, I mentioned that Christy’s and my church is going through a church revitalization campaign. We are using a group called Vision Planners, after the Pastor and an Elder attended an “Embers To A Flame” Conference.

We have not seen much progress with Vision Planners yet. Perhaps the progress is intended to be slow. We are all growing a bit impatient. I have hypothesized that a church revitalization program can be run much like a political campaign, an area I of which I am infinitely familiar. I have decided to start a series of posts on the subject.

A new category has been set up called “Church Revitalization.” To make it easy for those interested, you can click on that topic and see all posts generated on the topic. Please weigh in with your comments.

Now, to restate my hypothesis:

A church revitalization, like a political campaign, has limited time, talent, and treasure. Using the tools of a political campaign, a church revitalization program can design a campaign strategy based on sound tactics to revitalize and better spread the Word.