Burn Down LeMoyne (If True)


If this article is true, LeMoyne College should be burned to the ground and its campus plowed with salt.

While students are guaranteed the freedom of speech, LeMoyne College’s recent actions against a student have raised questions of whether or not academic papers are the place to exercise this right.

LeMoyne College expelled Scott McConnell, a student from its Masters of Education program, for writing a paper in which he advocated the use of corporal punishment in schools, he said.

The paper, written for a class on classroom management, originally earned McConnell an A-. However, when he attempted to enroll in classes for the spring semester, he found he couldn’t.

If there is more to it, I’d like to know. As reported, the school should be disbanded. One should be able to offer his opinion on classroom management without fear of expulsion. No doubt the student would not actually institute his proposed policies unless it was acceptable to do so.

Institutes of Higher Learning are fast becoming Communes of Intellectual Atheism.

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  • Please make your words sweet, you may have to eat them. Also, certain specific consequences may be much worse: Calling for burning down a school as well as other forms of mayhem, e.g., per your posts at the redstate webiste, may cause you to be held liable for starting a riot or some other legal trouble if related mischief actually ensues.

  • My question is, would you be creating the same stink if a Nazi wrote a sympathetic paper and was expelled?

    Or is your anger only because you share similar convictions as the “offender”?

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