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It is cliche to ask where the outrage is. I will ask where the disgust is. Being a regular reader of the blogosphere, I tend to stay on top of interesting stories. I do not remember reading in the blogosphere much of anything about this.

Back in November, the Macomb County, Michigan Medical Examiner completed his autopsy on a baby buried in the backyard of a family’s residence. The 16 year old girl who lived there had allowed her 16 year old boyfriend and father of her baby to, well, see here:

After an investigation, police determined that prior to a miscarriage, the 16-year-old mother of the unborn child — with the help of the 16-year-old father — may have attempted to abort the fetus.

“Without getting graphic, it involved a baseball bat,” said Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith.

Smith said the male youth — with the consent of the mother — hit the pregnant teen in the abdomen with a decorative-type wooden baseball bat every other day for three weeks.

If that was not bad enough, Prosecutor Smith has released this press release.

The actions of the youths first came to light when the female spoke about the series of incidents after the fact at a high school leadership conference in the upper peninsula. The conference’s adult facilitator, hearing of the incidents leading to the miscarriage, contacted the State Police.

The report of the county’s medical examiner indicates that the fetus was premature and not viable at the time of the miscarriage. The report lists the cause of death as blunt impact of the maternal abdomen.

Prosecutor Smith is relying on law created by the Michigan Legislature in 1999. According to that law, only the person making the intentional conduct against the pregnant individual is criminally liable. The pregnant individual herself, however complicit in the termination, is not.

The male, because of his age and lack of prior contacts with the criminal justice system, will be adjudicated in the juvenile court. If convicted, he would be subject to the jurisdiction of that court until he is twenty-one years old.

The mother, also sixteen years old, will not be charged with a crime.

What happened was sick and tragic. What is just as tragic is that these kids, and yes they were kids, most likely bought into the baby being their choice (little did the boy know his choice would not be considered). They could not afford a proper abortion, so they gave themselves a “back alley” abortion with a baseball bat and a daily smack down. The result? They were successful. If that was not bad enough, now the boy will get charged with a crime, but the girl, a clear and willing participant, will not. Never mind the double standard under the law, what about the sheer sickness that these two most likely did not even consider their actions a crime.

The pro-abortion groups are silent. If the girl was charged, there would no doubt be holy hell to pay. But, with the boy committing abuse, the pro-aborts can keep silent in the comfort that creative girls everywhere know how to abort their babies and understand there is no penalty for their actions — to themselves or to their children — except the penalty imposed by their own conscience or the wrath of a higher power they may not know, but who knows them.

Again, where is the disgust? Where is the blogosphere?

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  • I’m strongly against the practice of infanticide (ie: abortion). But wait a minute. Why would we charge her or her “friend?” They were just doing what “doctors” get paid to do each day. If fact the doctor probably swore the hippocratic oath to do no harm. Different method that’s all.

    Yes, I was being sarcastic above. However, this does illustrate the ugliness of abortion. Nuts on the left will use this to prove abortion should remain legal. No, desperate people doing stupid things is not a reason to enact or change law. Just as the fact that a few morons bled to death after putting a coat hangar somewhere it doesn’t belong was an assinine explanation for making this legal. We can not pass enough laws to stop stupid or evil people from doing stupid or evil things. We can only deal with the results. Murder is illegal but people still commit murder. The law doesn’t stop the offense it deals with the result.

  • This story highlights the disgustingly selfish, erroneous logic which has supported abortion rights in this country. It also puts a face on the abortion procedure which death advocates and the MSM do not want publicized under any circumstances.

  • Aborted disgust

    I agree with Erick. Where’s the disgust? This is one of the most outrageous stories I’ve heard in a long time, and people need to be up in arms about it.

    BTW, I’d have indicted the girl, as well as the boy, if this had happened in my jurisdicti…

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