A Margin of Criticism


I have a small post up at Red State and I want to extend the discussion here.

With Bush seeming tolerate to illegal immigration and delegating management of the economy to seemingly incomptent stewards, will he be ripe for criticism in 2008? Right now the Republicans are still in post-election love fest. By 2008, however, if Bush does not shore up his conservative and Christian base, my bet is that the GOP primary will be more ripe for an anti-Bush candidate than the Democratic primary. That is not to suggestion the GOP will be greater Bush bashers or louder Bush bashers, but will make a more — dare I say it — nuanced criticism of the Bush Presidency than the Dems, who already hate him for merely breathing.

Any thoughts?

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  • Yes, .. but it won’t be that visible. Republicans talk and argue issues — not character assasination. Indeed George W Bush has an outstanding personality and is a Christian gentleman.

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