According to the New York Times, some kids jumped out of a car and –beat up a 20 something they thought was a Satanist. It turns out the kids were right.

“The kid is gothic with blue hair: He falls into a category of kid,” Mr. McNicholas said. “At worst, this is a simple dispute between kids, not an attack on a minority.”

“If the accusation was that he was black or Asian or Latino or Jewish, it’s one thing,” he said. “They see this as a religious practice. It’s a dispute between kids, the same way you have the nerds, the jocks, the artsy kids and the teacher’s pets. What’s next? Someone being accused of attacking a preppie, or a nerd?”

In an interview last night at his apartment, which he shares with his mother, Mr. Romano said that he was raised Catholic but is now a Satanist. A hard rock musician, he attended Talent Unlimited High School in Manhattan and leads a band.

Mr. Romano said he was working at a bagel store last summer when Mr. Scarpinito, who worked next door at a hardware store, began making fun of him.

“My allegiance is to Satan and I hate Christianity, Judaism and Islam, but I don’t hurt anyone,” Mr. Romano said. “I take out my anger in mosh pits and S-and-M clubs. I think it’s ironic that the Christians got violent with the Satanist.”

His mother, Debbie Romano, 48, said, “I’m a Christian, but he went the other way; I don’t understand his beliefs, but he doesn’t hurt nobody.”

The kids will get charged with a hate crime for beating up someone because he was of a different religion.

Let’s be clear here: Our Lord Jesus Christ nor the indwelling Holy Spirit causes these two kids to beat up the Satanist. They were not moved by the Holy Spirit to inflict violence.

There is, however, a “higher” being who would compell kids to inflict harm and violence — the one the third kid worships.

So, let’s remember the irony. There is one all powerful and merciful God who loves all his creation. There are those who turn their back on God and worship he who hates all of God’s creation. How are they repaid by their “god”? Their god incites others to beat up his worshipper.


And what is the higher meaning? God is still divine, sovereign, and in control. Perhaps this wil wake up the mother who can show her son the error of his ways.

The true “victim” in all of this is God. The kids claim to be, and perhaps are though very weak, Christians and the mother explicitly says she worships the Lord. But it can’t be a very good worshipfulness if she has allowed her son, without sanction, to actively and openly worship the devil — evil in and of itself.

(Hat tip to Rod Dreher)