Smallville is a rerun so I caught part of Bill O’Reilly while eating my Steak-N-Shake. First, O’Reilly is increasingly annoying and I realized instantly why I don’t watch him. He takes himself too seriously.

Secondly, Wayne Rogers debated Jay Nordlinger on Wal-Mart. Wayne says that Wal-Mart stiffles competition because it competes. It is a great economic model and is thereby destroying small town America. It is doing nothing wrong and thus should be destroyed. People are shopping there so much it should be regulated.

Wayne Rogers is truly an idiot.

Jay Nordlinger made one point (Bill just kept Wayne speaking because Jay was too intelligent for Bill and made too much sense). Jay said the people most inclined to complain about Wal-Mart are the people who have enough money they can afford to shop at the specialty shop on the square. Wal-Mart is a God send for the poor.

Speaking as someone with lots of student loans and way less than a six figure salary, I agree. Christy and I do the overwhelming majority of our grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and would be pinching pennies tighter than we already did, but for Wal-Mart.