Good Morning!

Tony Blair, who we are suppose to like because he backs us in Iraq even though he is destroying his country by hauling it further into the European Union, has made a surprise visit to Iraq to meet the Prime Minister there. Blair, like Bush, champions the mission in Iraq as a cause between democracy and terror. The New York Times will probably condemn him as an idiot in the next few days.

The Los Angeles Times paints a gloomy picture of our time in Iraq. The paper bases its report on the President’s news conference. “Painting a far more sober picture of the situation in Iraq than he did during his reelection campaign, Bush acknowledged that efforts to train Iraqi security forces have had only “mixed” results and that a violent insurgency has eroded morale among Iraqis and Americans.” The President also said we would win. And, we will. WaPo reports the same story as Bush acknowledging the impact of insurgents, but being confident of victory and seeing much progress.

In further efforts to paint negatively with a broad brush, the New York Times says the FBI has more damaging information on prisoner abuse in Iraq. The article does detail terrible abuse that we should not make light of. The article goes on to say that “the newly disclosed documents are the latest to show that such activities were known to a wide circle of government officials.” The Times has been on this story for a while and, while tragic, one gets the sense that they will not stop until Rumsfeld is gone, whether he should or shouldn’t over this. Meanwhile, the Times fails to point out that no prisoners were thrown in shredders, gassed with mustard gas, poisoned, or tied down and shown their whole family being raped and butchered.

And finally, sticking to her guns, D.C. Council Chairman Linda W. Cropp got Mayor Marion Anthony Williams to accept partial private financing of the new baseball stadium. It appears D.C. will get a baseball stadium and, no doubt, there will be a corresponding rise in illegal drug use as the players arrive. Just kidding, folks.