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In a slap at the face of parents everywhere, CNN runs the headline “Suspect Faces Hearing in Stolen Fetus Killing.” There’s some blue state in that headline. The woman, Lisa Montgomery, is accused of killing a mother and ripping the mother’s 8 month old baby from her womb. The child survived. I say the baby was a little girl, CNN calls Victoria Jo an “8-month-old fetus.” It is not until well within the story that they make reference to “the baby.”

If toying with social security reform is not enough, the New York Times reports the Bush administration is also looking at Medicaid spending. In particular, the administration, supposedly committed to balancing the budget, wants to slow the program’s growth. One proposal would allow states greater flexibility in how the program is managed, including increased co-pays for wealthier citizens. It’s actually a fairly good article by Times standards.

The New York Times Editorial Board is in favor of Turkey joining the European Union. This just adds to the weight of evidence that such a move is a terribly bad idea.

The Pope has gone into seclusion. No, not that pope. This Pope went into seclusion. According to his secretary, “The seclusion of His Holiness the Pope will continue . . .”

Throwing everything at him in vain hopes that something will stick, critics now say Rumsfeld should sign every letter to the families of every soldier killed. In the past, the practice was for an auto-pen to be used. In the future, Rumsfeld says he will sign the letters himself. Chuck Hagel, positioning himself for a 2008 Presidential run as a conservative green party member, says he has “no confidence in Rumsfeld’s leadership.”

Finally, NBC hates Red States and really hates Rush Limbaugh.

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  • What’s it like to not think for yourself?

    I’m not asking just because you’re conservative. I’m asking because you “blog for Bush” whatever the hell that is.

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