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Bernard Kerik has withdrawn from consideration as Secretary for Homeland Security. Kerik apparently hired a possible illegal immigrant in the past as a housekeeper. The Upper West Side is cheering the news, but has no idea why hiring an illegal immigrant is wrong.

Yushchenko was poisoned by dioxin. This explains the weird transformation to his face. The Kremlin is quiet. Momentum remains in his favor to win on December 26th. Dick Morris is supposedly advising. Let’s hold our breath.

The pro-independence parties have been defeated in Taiwan. the Chicoms would probably still invade if given the chance.

After demanding passage of the intelligence bill, the New York Times has egg on its face. The Bush administration in the past has repeatedly begged to be thrown in the briar patch. This time, when the administration went in, they admitted to quietly beefing up the Patriot Act through the intelligence bill. Now the Times is not so sure the intelligence bill is a good thing. Well, they asked for it.

David Brooks has a typically insightful piece on social security reform.

What you hear these days is not liberalism. It’s conspiracyism. It’s the belief that the Bushite corporate cabal is going to do to domestic programs what the Bushite neocon cabal did in the realm of foreign affairs. It’s the belief in malevolent and shadowy forces that will grab everything for their own greedy ends. This is Michael Moore-ism applied to domestic affairs, and it will leave the Democrats only deeper in the hole.

No further comment needed.

Finally, the BBC and other lefty media outlets across Europe are crying foul. It seems Prime Minister Berlusconi has beat them all in court. The media, outraged that a conservative Bush ally could be PM of Italy, have been out to get Berlusconi from day one. He has been accused of murder, corruption, and theft. He is acquitted. Let the retribution begin.

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