Good morning!

John Snow, believe it or not, will remain Treasury Secretary. The New York Times and WaPo had both run reports that he was to be tossed. Apparently, the White House didn’t actually say anything, so both newspapers were talking with friends of friends of friends of people who had cousins who work in the McDonalds across the street from the White House, but who have seen White House staffers. Of course the Times now says Snow would have been tossed, but the leaks were embarassing and so Snow gets to stay — for a little while.

The New York Times does not like Bernard Kerik’s nomination for Homeland Security Secretary. Well, I don’t like the Department in general. But, the Times thinks Kerik engaged in “fearmongering” during the Presidential election. They say, “A homeland security secretary should be above politics and respectful of civil liberties.” The Times only thinks fearmongering is appropriate when they engage in the act to scare people about Christofascist warmonger Bush.

Donald Rumsfeld took a Q&A with the troops. Rumsfeld pointed out that we fight with the Army we have and not the one we wish for. The media immediately seized on the statement as a horrible thing to say. Chris Dodd wants to know why we don’t have the Army we want. Well, there was a little eight year period called the Clinton administration where we spent more time ordering berets and overseeing integration of gays and women into the military instead of buying armor. Don’t expect the media to point that out.

Peter Beinart is in WaPo today still peddling his theory that the liberals need to get tough on national security. In response to his article, is proving it can get tough. It’s sent out Michael Moore to eat Beinart. “Emmm. Beinart. The other, other, other white meat.”

Campaigning for DNC Chair, Howard Dean said, and you’ll love this,

“If this election had been decided on moral values, the Democrats would have won . . . . I think it’s time for us to start framing the debate. We have to learn to punch our ways off the ropes.”

Okay, stop laughing. Seriously. Stop laughing.

And finally, despite some staffers having trouble getting paid by the Kerry campaign, the Associated Press reports that the DNC paid Al Sharpton “$86,715 in travel and consulting fees to compensate for his campaigning for Kerry and other Democratic candidates.” Sharpton, a conartist hiding behind the title “reverend,” is not quite the shakedown artist that Jesse Jackson is, but apparenlty is good enough to get Terry McAuliffe to cough up some cash. I wonder if Sharpton threatened to sick Tawana Brawley on McAuliffe or Kerry.