According to Human Events Online, the fight in the Senate over committee staffs has not yet been resolved and, it looks like, it could get worse.

Under Frist’s plan, GOP committee staff would get two-thirds of the resources. Despite their gripes, Democrats operated exactly that way when they controlled the Senate with a 57-43 majority in 1993. Of the Senate’s 18 committees, Democrats controlled two-thirds of resources on 12 of them. On four others, they had at least 60% of resources. When Republicans took control of the Senate in the 1994 election, they adopted the same practice.

“Throughout the recent history of the Senate, it’s been majority two-thirds, minority one-third,” Frist’s spokesman, Bob Stevenson, told HUMAN EVENTS. “The majority needs to run the operation. They need to run the committee hearings. They need to operate the committees. Therefore, they need the larger staff.”

Hat tip to Viking Pundit.