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Sorry for the light posts today. It has been a busy day and when traffic runs light at Red State, I feel an obligation to post there to keep traffic up.

Anyway, this evening I had a meeting at church. I have been nominated to be a deacon and must, therefore, go through training. The Presbyterians (PCA) take the Bible literally, which is good, and, as a result, the qualifications of Ephesians must be met. The Deacons handle the physical church and the Elders handle the spiritual church. It is a good division. The Deacons maintain the physical structure of the church and its property so the Elders, including the Preacher, can focus on the spiritual concerns of the church.

Tonight we studied by the Presbyterians do infant baptism. I’ll keep you updated.

In other news, Mary Frances Berry decided to resign her position at the Civil Rights Commission, even though her term expired Sunday. Ms. Berry, never one to go quietly, faced a President who had the nerve to drive her from office. Well done Mr. President and good riddance.

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  • I knew we much have a lot in common! My church is a PCA church, Perimeter Church, in Duluth, Ga. It is the church, through God, that saved my life. Congratulations on being nominated to be a Deacon.

    Now, the reason I came here today was to copy this post I found on a bulletin board. It ALMOST sounds like you!

    Well, darn! It will not let me send it. It finds is objectionable???

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