Any holiday made up in jail by a race baiting criminal as a way to celebrate the ethnic-self of black Americans is not a legitimate holiday.

I noticed this too. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I go out of my way to wish everyone a Merry Christmas — particularly those who chime in first with “Happy Holidays.” AND, I never wish anyone a Happy (or Crazy or Phat) Kwanzaa. In fact, I do not recognize Kwanzaa as an official holiday.

Any holiday made up in jail by a race baiting criminal as a way to celebrate the ethnic-self of black Americans is not a legitimate holiday. It’s like the Scientology of holidays. Kwanzaa gets treated legitimately by the MSM because it celebrates the antithesis of white America and gives the MSM an excuse to ignore Christmas, the second most important holiday to Christians (notice how Easter is altogether ignored by the MSM).

Kwanzaa actually is the perfect holiday for the MSM. Every other holiday celebrates a religous miracle, patriotic heros, or America itself. Every other holiday celebrates something greater than the self. Kwanzaa was made up by a felon and establishes a holiday whereby the favored minority group of MSM (until 2008, when Hispanics will really be the “it” minority) celebrates the racial self. The self-absorbed MSM has been looking for a self-absorbing holiday.

In short, Kwanzaa is the perfect post-modern politically correct holiday.

One more thing, given the barbaric history of Kwanzaa’s founder, I have no doubt that Kwanzaa, in addition to being an anti-White and anti-Christian holiday, is also an anti-Jewish holiday, subverting the mennorah for racial politics. It really is the perfect MSM holiday!

[UPDATE:] If you are just jumping in from someone’s link, I have modified this post. I originally compared Kwanzaa to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, but I think the Scientology comparison is better. A barbaric torturer of black women founded Kwanzaa and a sci-fi writer founded Scientology. Both have some odd believe in little demon crystals or some such nonesense dwelling within the body and in need of purging.

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  • 2008 – a “major” Hispanic minority…now that has some real possibilities…

    Hispanics celebrate “Three Kings Day”….we just have to be sure that no one tells the left or the MSM that for many other cultures it is known as “The Twelfth Night” or “Little Christmas.”

    Yes, “Three Kings Day” – let’s tell them it’s a celebration of a tri-monarchial summit held in historial Palestine.


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