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Like David Hogberg, I have ceased to be a regular read of Andrew Sullivan. He has gotten as shrill as the most common parody of a dragqueen. Still, as Hogberg points out, Sullivan goes beyond parody.

In addition to the Malkin award, he has the Derbyshire award — named for our friend John Derbyshire, who rarely says anything inappropriate, though often says something offensive to some group easily offended by truth.

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  • I am increasingly coming to this same conclusion. I have worked hard on my site to quote Andrew as much as possible in an attempt to give clear views from accomplished writers and thinkers. But I believe his “shrill” analysis of what’s happening in DC and with the Bush administration is an outgrowth of his anger about how the gay marriage agenda is falling flat on its face.

    Sad. . . . He has the capability to positively influnce the political debate.

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