Confessions of a Political Junkies has discussed shark jumping on occasion — from Wesley Clark to Howard Dean.

I think there is a new rule we should apply to determine when someone in popular culture loses all credibility. It is perfect for timing the moment we can cease taking them seriously.

COAPJ Shark Jumping Rule No. 1ou bring forth a men’s cologne branded to your identity, you have jumped the shark.

Exhibit A: Orange County Choppers Cologne

Exhibit B: Donald Trump: The Fragrance. As if his hair wasn’t enough to mock, now this?! He isn’t the savvy businessman I once assumed he could be.

I won’t add Antonio Banderas there yet, because his cologne is not really tied to his identity. But, he’s coming close with those cheesy commercials. Besides, it could be argued that he lost all credibility years ago (or never had any to begin with).