Rumsfeld stays


This is great news:

Rumsfeld to Stay on as Defense Secretary

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Bush has asked Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to stay in his job and Rumsfeld has agreed to do so, a senior Bush administration official said on Friday.

“Secretary Rumsfeld is a proven leader during challenging times. We’re fighting a different kind of war and it’s crucial that we win this war,” the official said.

Yes he is and Thank God he’s staying. The fact that many liberals hate Rumsfeld, and are always calling for his resignation, tells you all you need to do: he is doing a terrific job. They hated that he was successful in the private sector, and in the war on terror they hate his toughness and no-nonsense approach. “Rummy,” as Maureen Dud refers to him, doesn’t treat the scum in Guantanamo Bay like they are at a day care center, which is why people like me respect the man. Liberals would prefer he treat the military as a social program like Les Aspin and the worthless William Cohen did. No Thanks.

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