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Tucker Carlson is rumored to be moving to MSNBC. Hey, I’m glad. I hope to be asked back officially to blog on the Hardblogger site. It’ll be nice to have another conservative on board.

In other news, Fox News continues to play off the Red State dynamic. If you haven’t seen, it is running 15 second to 30 second filler spots showing verses of scripture, paiting of the Madonna with Child, and wishing viewers a “Merry Christmas.” That’s good marketing and you won’t see it on CNN.

Fox knows its base.

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  • Madonna & Child painting has new meaning for you this year, doesn’t it.

    I applaud Fox – all religions calling for “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men” so be recognized. Religion should not be a total shutout.

  • Kudos to Fox News.

    This is not a matter of religion, nor should it be. Its about the core of our civilization, and about the person that is making this all happen.

    Merry Christmas

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