The Islamic Republic of Iran has promised France, Germany, and Britain that it will halt all production of material which could be used to construct a nuclear weapon.

“The Europeans are very proud of the fact that they have done this independently of the United States,” said Gary Samore, an analyst at the International Institute of Strategic Studies in London.

Of course, Samore sees the deal falling apart rather soon if Iran doesn’t get something in exchange for its promise. Hasan Rowhani, the top nuke guy in the Islamic Republic, praised the agreement on Tuesday: “We have proved that our enemies are liars, and the path of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been legal and peaceful.”

Congratulations, Europe, for opening a new era of peace and understanding.

Such agreements in the present epoch require the backing of a strong United States. This European solo venture will probably turn out to be as empty as the Clinton/Mitchell “peace deals” in the Middle East and in Northern Ireland.

I’m not a pessimist, as I believe that Iran will abandon her nuclear dreams, but it is going to take a lot more than a stack of French paper.