Good Morning!

As the previous post says, Mary France Berry has resigned. From what, we do not know. Her term expired on Sunday. She is leaving with one other commissioner and the staff director. Two of the Republicans on the commission switched their affiliation to independent, which allowed the President to select two Republicans (the commission is required to have a balance between parties and independents). The net result will be six votes against the lefties and a staff director who is actually competent. No doubt the three leaving will find some ivy league institution from which to continue their race baiting.

The intelligence “reform” bill goes to the Senate where it is expected to pass. Intelligence from the CIA suggests that passage is not certain, which means it should pass within the next 24 hours or so.

The usuals are being quoted in the New York Times over the coming fight for Supreme Court nominees. Note to Mr. Neas: We won, you lost, deal with it.

In keeping with their motto, “Mouthpiece of the Democratic Left,” the New York Times is allowing Democrats to explore ideas on the pages of the Times for reform. Rahm Emmanuel is calling for tax reform. He does not say it, but you know he wants to stick it to the rich. Gary Locke says the Dems have to like fishing. Huh? Well, she says to stop using cookie cutter campaigns and learn to fish in a bigger stream of voters. Unfortunately, with the Dems need to gain the approval of such a diverse contingent of the left, cookie cutter is just about all they can do — hard left in the primary, running fast to the center for the general, and no public screams along the way.

Eliot Spitzer is running for governor of New York. As if we didn’t see that one coming. Spending years driving up the costs of doing business for companies and investors, as well as shaking down banking institutions and investment houses to make himself look like a populist fighter against evil corporations, Eliot will now try to fight the snide fairy and work hard to personalize himself as a man of the people from one block beyond Wall Street. Note to Eliot: Ignore all advice from John Kerry.

As electoral reforms are underway in Ukraine in anticipation of a new election, doctors in Austria confirm what we already pretty much knew: someone did try to kill Yushchenko, the leader of the opposition. Click the link for the before and after photo.

In Darfur, Sudan, efforts are failing to stop the violence, according to John Danforth, our soon to be gone US Ambassador to the UN. While blood flows in the Sudanese sand, Kofi & Co. continue fiddling and stealing. Once everyone has been killed we can expect Kofi&Co to blame the United States for failing to act. That would be typical.

Finally, and Stephen Bainbridge don’t start drinking yet, the Supreme Court is considering the plight of wine makers who do not like the 21st amendment. We will soon see whether the Supremes will interpret away the 21st Amendment for wine makers, the only business lefty elites feel any sympathy for.