Good Morning.

The New York Times reports this morning that the Pentagon is reviewing when to lie to the media. The Times does not like the practice and has “critics” saying “such deceptive missions could shatter the Pentagon’s credibility.” Meanwhile, the Times today is also attacking General Eisenhower for daring to leak phony details of D-Day. The Times says that lying to the media in hopes of misleading Hitler is wrong on two fronts: (1) misleading the media is wrong because the media is good at doing that itself; (2) lying to Hitler only hurts an already frail relationship.

Elisabeth Bumiller and Eric Lipton report that there is a strain in the relationship between Giuliani and the President. Mind you, no one on the record says that, but one Republican “with close ties” to the White House says, “Nobody at the White House is saying to themselves, ‘Damn that Rudy Giuliani.’ It’s more, ‘Well, he got his licks.’ ” In other news, Bumiller is reporting that your writer is about to appointed as Ambassador to Australia. Mind you, she gets no one on the record other than an unnamed Republican who says, “Erickson’s got it in the bag.”

In other news, Christians want to block same sex marriage and push other agendas on the state level and the ACLU ain’t happy. I could not have predicted that one.

There is speculation afoot that Republicans might actually use the nuclear option. One strategy is for Bush to nominate replacement Supreme Court justices who are of the same ideology as the justice being replaced — not likely given conservative desires for a more conservative court. So, there is active speculation on the nuclear option. Topic of discussion: if the Dems ever take back the Senate and the Presidency at the same time, can we really trust them not to go nuclear? I doubt it.

Hillary Clinton, gearing up to run in 2008, has decided to out conservative the President on immigration. Pundits speculate that this will help her in red states. Mickey Kaus is delighted.

With Ukraine leaning towards electing pro-Western Yushchenko, it is worth noting that Romania, in a surprise outcome, voted against Social Democrat PM Natase in favor of Center-Right Basescu to be the new President of Romania. John Kerry is sending lawyers to review the process and MoveOn is sending Michael Moore to do an anti-Basescu “documentary.”

Finally, John Kerry has officially mobilized his lawyers and is asking county elections officials to allow his witnesses to inspect the 92,000 ballots cast in Ohio in which no vote for president was recorded, a Kerry lawyer said Sunday night. Bush’s official win in Ohio is 119,000 votes, so it should not make a difference, other than to get the election closer. Nonetheless, the Electoral College officially casts its votes today so Kerry’s actions are a bit too late.