Good Morning!

Democrats, still reeling from the preception that they cannot be trusted on national security, have taken to the New York Times to reveal details on a highly classified national security program that some Democrats don’t like. The program, if we can believe the Times, has been opposed by Republicans and Democrats in the past, but was reauthorized. The Democrats, so unhappy about it, just might have crossed the line to reveal details about the program. If they can’t keep a secret about security, how can we trust them to be in charge of it. Meanwhile, Roswell fans have announced their endorsement of John Kerry and they will seek to alter the time-space continuum to get him elected. “We now realize that with a Dem in office, we might finally know what happened at Roswell and Area 51,” said Nanoo-Klaptack, also known as Jimbo Billy Hanks, Jr. of Longview, TX.

Opposition parties in Israel have begun talks to join Sharon’s coalition. Shimon Peres says he’ll join the coalition and let Sharon be tough by Peres weasels around behind Sharon’s back to undermine any strong stands. “Viva Oslo,” Peres was overheard telling a colleague.

White House officials are continuing to backtrack over the Kerik nomination. Officials say Kerik failed to disclose all the bad stuff. Said one, “Well, we don’t read newspapers around here and he never mentioned what was in the papers.”

And finally, Adam Nagourney has an intentionally humorous piece looking at those who would lead the DNC.