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Today President Bush will sign the new intelligence bill which will add a new bureaucracy on top of our current intelligence structure. The bill will make us less secure and further destabilize our intelligence efforts. In other news, no one at the CIA has yet lost their job for bad WMD intelligence or a failure to ascertain the 9/11 attacks were being planned. Though there have been some resignations, no heads have actually rolled.

Yesterday, President Bush made the case for social security reform. The Los Angeles Times says, in its subheading, “The president makes his case for partial privatization as groups unite in opposition.” I guess they did not have time to find groups united in support of the reforms.

A Department of Education report shows charter school students are underperforming public school students in math and reading, but (we learn well into the article) “charter students were not doing significantly worse than students in regular schools.” The report, nor the Times, seeks to sort out why beyond test scores. The idea that a lot of parents took problemed students out of public schools when given the opportunity is not discussed. Whether charter schools are showing improvement, but still lagging behind slightly, is not discussed.

Dana Priest, in WaPo, reveals that the CIA has a secret prison for terrorists in Cuba. Intelligence officers leaked him the news. I wonder if Jay Rockerfeller had anything to do with the leak too.

And finally, free market applause for Mrs. Cropp, the Chairman of the District of Columbia Council, who dared to insist on a public-private financing partnership to build a new stadium for the washed up Montreal Expos, a seedy Francho-Canadian import solely existing to justify the use of the word “World” in baseball’s season ending series.

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