Merry Christmas!

CNN reports that we have captured two key terrorist thugs in Iraq. “Soldiers of the Marine Expeditionary Force captured Saleh Arugayan Kahlil (Mahalawi), also known as Abu Ubaydah, on December 8 and caught Bassim Mohammad Hazeem, also known as Abu Khattab, on December 12,” according to a release.

Prime Minister Yanukovich has decided Sunday’s election results will be illegitimate and has vowed to fight them in court. In related news, the Ukrainian Supreme Court overturned new laws to prevent voter fraud. The Court said the laws violate the country’s constitution. Elections officials are scrambling now to implement the Court’s decision. While I’m not sure of the ruling, kudos for that country’s Supreme Court acting like an adult in this situation and showing independence John Marshall would be proud of. Now, everybody better start getting concerned before they go all Earl Warren on Ukraine.

His Holiness the Pope is expressing concerns about the world’s hotspots in his Christmas message. “‘Babe of Bethlehem, Prophet of peace, encourage attempts to promote dialogue and reconciliation, sustain the efforts to build peace, which hesitantly yet not without hope are being made to bring about a more tranquil present and future for so many of our brothers and sisters of the world,’ John Paul said, slowly pronouncing each word and often pausing to catch his breath.” The Holy Father dared to mention both Darfur and the Ivory Coast. Neither Kofi nor France were available for comment. They were muttering under their breath about that “damn Christian.”

Speaking of folks with fancy titles, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, etc., etc., etc., recorded a special message for British troops. It is the first time in her 52 year reign that she made a special recording for the troops. In related news, HM refused to pick up Queen Anne’s1. spine and veto the hunting ban legislation pushed by Tony Blair, a guy we are suppose to like for increasingly foggier reasons, to pacify the lefties in his government who hate him because we like him for reasons related to the War on Terror and not for reasons related to his destruction of British culture and championing the placement of plaid on the tails of British Airways jets.

Liberals in California intend to beat Ahnuld at his own game by putting measures before the voters instead of passing them through the general assembly. The lefties want to pass several labour and “consumer” initiatives designed to increase the cost of doing business and raise consumer prices while hiding behind the “it’s for your benefit” tag. The Los Angeles Times is expected to get on board and run scurrilous stories in support of the initiatives.

And finally, after working for weeks to steal the election, Christine declares victory in Washington State. The Republican, Dino Rossi, won the election and two subsequent recounts. But, the forces of darkness kept discovering “new” ballots until they had enough for the Democrat to win. Dino may challenge. If not, Maria Cantwell better watch out in two years.

1.History shows us that HM Queen Anne (1702-1714) was the last sovereign to show any spine and veto legislation. The Hanovers, in a disgrace to their position, refused to veto anything and allowed a tradition to develop that the crown does not veto legislation supported by the crown’s own government.