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The tragedy of this story is overwhelming and we are glad that the baby was found. What is frustrating is that the media, so absorbed into the world of abortion politics could not muster the word “baby” for several hours. Instead, the infant, excised unwillingly from her mother’s lifeless womb, was referred to as a “fetus.” I have no doubt her mother thought her a baby, not a fetus.

The New York Times is taking seriously charges against UN Peacekeepers who engaged in rape, torture, and pedophilia . It is about time this horror was made public.

Iraqis are about to try Chemical Ali who insists he is really “Comical Ali.” His alibi will surely have him fried. He said he was fishing with Scott Peterson during each event he is accused of participating in. Chemical Ali will not get a fair trial, but it will be more fair than any trial he ever sent someone to.

Turkey wants to join the EU. Have they gone mad? Why would anyone want to join a group of spineless francophiles. AND, why the heck is Europe even considering it. No disrespect to Turkey, but, with the exception of a tiny sliver to the north of the Bosporus, Turkey is in Asia! The world has truly gone mad. More on this later.

Robert Novak reports that Rumsfeld is losing the support of Senator Warner, the Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman. That’s troubling. Novak also says the Democrats are continuing the intraparty fight over a new Chairman. I think they should keep McAuliffe. The House Dems want former Rep. Tim Roemer of Indiana to be the next head. The DNC members aren’t buying it. More on this later.

Finally, Secretary Snow says borrowing billions to fund social security reform will not hurt the economy. It will, however, grow the deficit and Congress does not seem intent to stop shelling out millions to North American Norwegians to celebrate independence and garbage like that.

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  • Rumsfeld has got to get a freakin’ clue. Suck it up and admit he has too few troops with too few resources in Iraq, the longer he waits the worse the fallout will be. Once things die down a little (if ever) Bush should consider tossing him and Cheney and putting a real Presidential contender in the veep seat.

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