Sen. John McCain is on Fox News Sunday right now, and he’s talking about the baseball steroid “scandal.” He’s talking about introducing legislation to “address the issue” of steroids in baseball, imposing drug testing and other nonsense.

Okay, maybe drug testing is a good thing for baseball…but that’s not Congress’s problem. This is an issue that bothers me with Congressmen, and Sen. McCain is only the latest to irritate me. Every question is answered with more legislation: a bill for this, a bill for that.

What makes McCain think Congress has any jurisdiction to mandate anything to baseball? Baseball’s anti-trust exemption? I don’t think so. The Commerce Clause? Not likely.

Or is McCain just trying to get his mug on television in preparation for his presidential run (he did say he isn’t closing the door on running)? Well, if that’s the case, fine, but pick a better issue. McCain has plenty of expertise on any number of issues. Leave baseball alone.

To McCain’s credit, he stopped just short of demanding Kofi Annan’s resignation from the UN. He also said the UN Oil-for-Food scandal “stinks to high heaven.” Good call, Senator.