Getting a congressman to stop spending is like getting a nymphomaniac to stop having sex.

No, I am not talking about the gay marriage amendment, I’m talking about the line item veto.

Years ago in what seems now like a fantasy world, conservatives actually ruled the roost in Congress and, keeping with the Contract With America, they passed the line item veto. The law was subsequently (and correctly) ruled unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court.

The nation is currently facing a declining dollar. The graph below shows the decline over the last few years.

Now for historical perspective, we should keep in mind that the dollar is only playing with historic lows.

While a very high dollar can cause all sorts of harm to our economy, a very weak dollar can likewise cause harm. I do not purport to be an economist, but ones I respect are starting to fret too.

A good number of economists are linking the falling dollar to the huge federal budget deficit. The conservative economists, while complaining about the deficit, are not inclined to support tax increases, which would probably be a disaster at this time. So, what to do?

Congressmen view their jobs as getting re-elected. They get re-elected by “bringing home the bacon.” To bring home the bacon, congressmen put riders in bills for pet projects in their districts. Whether it is funding the study of salmon breeding or the Cowgirl museum, the projects add up over time.

Getting a congressman to stop spending is like getting a nymphomaniac to stop having sex. It ain’t gonna happen. We need someone to help pull back the rampant spending. That someone should be the President.

Congress should act to pass a line item veto amendment. Republican Presidents can kill projects in districts that did not vote for him and Democratic Presidents can do the same. That will be the reality of it. But the further reality is that it will give more leverage to those who want to cut out spending.

The nation needs to start worrying about balancing budgets again. Without raising taxes, we need to start making decisions on what to cut. We should start with the special projects and the line item veto would be the best tool to accomplish that.