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I can’t find the name of the person who wrote this drivvel for the AP. No doubt they are embarassed:

Sen. John McCain, the straight-talking Republican who often challenges the GOP establishment, has taken on a headline-grabbing issue steroids in baseball and generated talk of a presidential bid in 2008.

That a push for steroids would all of a sudden give McCain stature for 2008, when everyone (except me) already thinks he is running, is sheer madness and/or foul reporting.

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  • I’m right with you! How in the world would the steroid issue catapult anyone to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.?

    The only connection somone might come up with is that it is intended to keep him in the headlines, but that would be a strained analysis at best

  • I think the key is in the phrase “Republican who often challenges the GOP establishment.”

    The MSM has a love affair with this guy — could it be that subconsciously that are afraid that the Dems will lose again in 2008 and better to have a Republican in the White House who “challenges……”

    After all we did have reports of Kerry, attempting to get McCain on board his ‘sinking ship’ this go-round.

  • Hey, Jim, he’s back in the new again today (Tuesday)…now complaining about Rumsfeld.

    Seems like the only reports from Senators I’ve heard today come from McCain and Boxer.

    Press is picking its favorites as usual.

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