Here’s the deal. I’m thinking of switching from T-Mobile to Cingular. I hear horrible stories about Cingular’s customer service, but it does have a larger network and better coverage in Georgia and D.C. I’m not sure though. It’s time to get a new phone. I’m waiting on Treo to bring the 650 over to GSM (damn them for keeping it Sprint exclusive for so long).

Any thoughts on Cingular vs. T-Mobile. It’s confusing. At least Apple intends to launch a cell network. But I can’t wait for Steve.

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  • Erick with a K,

    Good: I’ve had a Nokia GAIT phone on the Cingular network and I almost always have a good signal. I’ve been very happy with the bare bones phone (no color screen or fancy ringtones) and the Cingular system.

    Bad: When I first got the phone, because of a screw-up by the rep at Staples, I had to get a new SIM card in Massachusetts and ventured to the nearest Cingular store. As I was next in line, the representative simply walked across the street for a Snapple, leaving me standing there for 15 minutes. Unreal. Once he deigned to help me, everything got straightened out, but damn. There was only one other clerk who spent (no kidding) 30 minutes with somebody trying to straighten out a calling plan.

    Bottom line: Once you get past the heartache of customer service, Cingular has been a good experience.

  • I live in Conyers outside Atlanta and am a Cingular subscriber. Biggest issue I have is that while they advertise nationwide coverage, at my house and my office, the best I get is “2 bars” on the coverage. And thus it is a struggle to make or receive a call from office or home. The Cingular people say they put up a new tower and it should get better, but so far it hasn’t… On the other hand, they are not as pricey as Verizon.

  • Go into any Cingular store at any time of day and you will experience the horrificly extremely horrificly horrible horrible customer service, did I mention it is bad? I had to wait in the store on Northside drive for 30 minutes once just so the clerk could ‘ring up’ the spare charger I had found for myself. I have been a Sprint Customer for 2 years now and have no complaints there it’ll be even better with the Nextel merger.

  • I’ve been on Cingular for a couple of years and have no complaints. Cool phones and good coverage, especially now with the AT&T merger. It also has rollover, which is a big plus, and unlimited minutes to other Cingular customers.

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