The efforts of the Democratic Party to turn this country into a banana republic continue. Get this:

400 Demand Recount at Ohio Statehouse

COLUMBUS, Ohio – About 400 protesters gathered outside the Statehouse on Saturday to support a recount of the presidential election in Ohio and call for an investigation into Election Day irregularities.

Speakers addressing the crowd alleged that many voters were the victims of a fraud in which votes intended for John Kerry were given to President Bush.

Can you believe these people? You would think that Kerry’s people would blow them off for being the wackos they are. But instead, the Kerry campaign is fanning the flames.

Kerry campaign joins suit seeking recount of Ohio vote

COLUMBUS, Ohio — John F. Kerry’s campaign has joined a lawsuit by third-party presidential candidates seeking a recount in Ohio, and a lawyer for the campaign said yesterday the Democrat’s camp does not question his loss but wants any counting to take place statewide.

“The Kerry-Edwards campaign felt it had to intervene,” said Daniel Hoffheimer, a Cincinnati lawyer who represents the campaign in Ohio. “We did not want a recount to go forward if it only was 87 [of Ohio’s 88] counties.”

The Democrats are saying that Ohio is the new Florida. And it is becoming that, because THEY are making it so. Nothing like another 4 years of complaining about how blacks were disenfranchised, only this time it happened in Ohio. The depths to which the Democrats will go to undermine Bush and harm our country never ceases to astonish me.

One more thing. You know those exit polls on election day, the ones that had Kerry steamrolling Bush? Obviously, they were a sham, and I thought they were put out there to depress Bush voters late in the day. While that may have been a part of it, I now understand another reason why they were manufactured. They were out there to aid Kerry politically in any recount fight. Remember, Gore “had the obligation” to fight because he won the popular vote. The idea now was to legitimize a Kerry lawsuit by giving him the political cover that he won all the exit polls. Luckily, no matter how much the losers on the left want to overturn the election, it won’t happen.

If you are a Democrat, you need to ask yourself why, in light of the state of your party today.