Getting Rid of Mary


Social security, welfare, medicare, and other entitlements are sticky issues because once given out the benefiting citizen will almost always vote against any politician that dares to take the entitlement away.

Mary, like the other Berry, won’t give up the crack despite clear federal court precedents dictating that she must.

In the same way, professional bureaucrats are like crack whores addicted to the rock of federal jobs. Once in, a bureaucrat will fight like hell to ensure permanence. Look no further than Mary Frances Berry, a professor of “social thought” and Chairman of the US Commission on Civil Rights, who has modeled her chairmanship on Josef Stalin as Secretary-General of the Soviet Communist Party, but without the blood.

Beginning her career on the commission in 1980, thanks to friend of all dictators Jimmy Carter, Berry eventually worked her way up to Chairman in 1993, thanks to friend of all lefties Bill Clinton. Ms. Berry’s term ended at midnight on December 5, 2004, but according to Commissioner Peter Kirsanow, Mary, like the other Berry, won’t give up the crack despite clear federal court precedents dictating that she must. Berry has decided that she will not go into the dark and stormy night of the private sector until January 21, 2004 (Berry has been entrenched in government since the Carter administration where she worked at the Department of Education until her appointment to the commission in 1980). In the meantime, she intends to cause as much trouble for the President as possible.

Lefties and assorted communist sympathizers in third world countries tend to ignore the law once entrenched in power. In backwater nations throughout Africa and Asia, the communists have traditionally ignored the will of the people to stay in office. They denied access to their ideological opponents, changed the rules to keep themselves entrenched, and finally purged society of opponents. Berry, who once said we should not protest Chinese children being forcibly taught the ideals of Mao and who believes blacks were given a false vision of the virtuousness of the USSR, tried a similar tactic in 2001. Having failed to prevent Republican appointments to the commission and in offing Bush as a racist, she now does her best to model the outgoing regime in Ukraine — causing trouble loudly on the way to the ash heap of history. The President should bid her good riddance and fight to throw her off now. The historic legacy of Presidential appointments to republican institutions demands no less.

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