America is sinking fast!! Just ask the Bush-hating media:

November Job Growth Unexpectedly Weak

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. economy created only 112,000 new jobs in November, the government said on Friday, about a third of October’s total and weak enough to deepen a shadow of uncertainty hanging over the holiday sales season.

The November figure from the Labor Department (news – web sites), the weakest job creation since July, is likely to aggravate consumer worries about job security and rising energy costs, which already have sales off to a soggy start.

The job total was well under forecasts for 180,000 new hires last month, though the unemployment rate eased to 5.4 percent from 5.5 percent in October.

Perhaps our economy should be more like Zee Germans.

Sluggish economy hits German jobs

The number of people out of work in Europe’s largest economy has risen for the tenth straight month as growth remains stubbornly slow.
German unemployment rose 7,000 in November to 4.464 million people, or 10.8% of the workforce.

The seasonally adjusted rise showed a smaller rise than expected, as government measures to encourage job creation began to take effect.

And people want us to emulate and listen to this “worker’s paradise?” No thanks. I’ll take the ol’ tax-cutting cowboy anyday. Especially in light of Zee German response to this problem.

With unemployment stuck above 4 million for years, the government of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has put job creation at the top of the agenda.

A controversial package of measures to shake up incentives to get back to work, paid for by cutting some cherished benefits, has sparked anger among some German workers.

My friends, this is Socialism for you. Remember this the next time a Democrat (same thing as a Socialist actually) wants you to vote for them.