An Honorable Death


According to UPI, Britain has begun investigating honor crimes among its population.

One of the more recent cases involved the stabbing death of 16-year-old Heshu Jones in London. She was killed by her Kurdish father who believed she had dishonored the family by having a boyfriend.

The report said honor crimes are not confined exclusively to South Asian families, as there were also cases from Turkish, Romanian, Bosnian and Kosovan, West African and Middle Eastern families.

The news raises a discussion point many in this country and Europe tend to avoid. What steps should or must be taken to encourage, aid, or demand the assimilation of an immigrant’s culture into our own. Honor killings are prevalent throughout the Middle East and Asia. When my father worked in the Persian Gulf as a production foreman, he had a worker take a week of vacation to go back to India and kill his sister for commiting adultery. The West abhors honor killings, but in a society that buys into the moral relativity schtick, governments have difficulty taking a stand on assimiliation.

If a society does not expect its citizens to give up certain customs of their old country and learn the language and ways of the new country, the society will collapse into chaos. Here, with La Raza and other groups fighting against English language laws and other laws to encourage assimiliation, we might just soon find ourselves a nation divided by uncommon languages and uncommon cultures with divided loyalties. At least the predominantly Catholic cultures of Hispanic nations do not tend to have honor killings.

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