My MOTHER is one of those. She switched from Heinz to Hunts ketchup due to Ter-ay-zzzzzah! No, no, no, no. She’d even go to Del Monte! Yuck!

Trust me, folks. Those who know me know I know ketchup. If it’s meat or fried or a potato, it gets ketchup. And there is no comparison. Hunts lacks any proper seasoning. Heinz is thick, well seasoned, and perfection in a bottle. There is no substitute. That is has that nut job’s name should not be cause to punish Heinz. After all, we in this country do not visit punishment on a son for the actions of his father. Neither should be bring punishment on a ketchup for the actions of a shareholder or former shareholder.

I will deign to discuss Del Monte and bring down the level of discussion on this blog.

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