Afghanistan developing bin Laden’s hideout into tourist attraction


The Indian Express is reporting this:

KABUL, DECEMBER 4: The Afghan authorities plan to invigorate the country’s fledgling tourist industry by developing Osama bin Laden’s Tora Bora mountain hideout as a visitor attraction. Dr Hassamuddin Hamrah, the man in charge, believes that the caves which once housed Bin Laden and his fighters, together with the remains of mangled Russian tanks and crashed helicopter gunships from 1980s, will prove a tourist magnet.


The kidnap of three UN workers in October and a suicide bomb on a Kabul street that killed a young American woman have put the expatriate community on high alert. But Dr Hamrah dismissed any scare mongering. ‘‘We have sent groups to the farthest parts of the country. They have come back safely and are saying that the people welcomed them warmly.’’

I guess if you can’t find him, then build a tourist attraction about him.

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