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We should all stay up to date on the Ukrainian issue. It is going to be big. You can get your fix at Foreign Notes, which is the blog of an American in Kiev.

As a basic primer, Kiev is split by the Dnieper River. In general, the Ukrainians live to the west of the river and the Russians to the east. Let’s not forget the purges by Stalin in the middle part of the last century that tried to eliminate the Ukrainian culture (oh, and the related famine)

As it stands, the Russians want a Russian leaning President and the West wants a Western leaning President. Poland has a stake in this as it has a historic tie to the western part of the Ukraine — hence Walesa is playing good politics in as much as having solidarity with the opposition.

Parliament declared the election results invalid.

Protesters continue to block official buildings even as the the Russian backed winner declares victory and takes the oath of office.

Poisioning is still blamed for the radical change in opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko’s appearance. Check out the photo at the Beeb. Talk about a radical change.

The Ukrainian Press has said it will no longer be the puppet of the state and has finally decided to start telling the truth. Maybe the New York Times will take a lesson and stop being the pawn of the DNC.

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