Yassar Arafat is finally dead. I am rather saddened. His life had so much potential, yet he squandered that potential in violence and terrorism. He led his people in exile and reduced them to near peasants. His people became despised and impoverished. Spat upon by the rest of the Middle East, Arafat turned the spit into salve as he worked his Nazi like propaganda machine against Israel and the Jews.

Arafat brought the Palestinians across the Middle East into Israel, where he demanded Israel for himself and his people at the expense of the Jews. He encouraged children to blow themselves up, stole money from his people while they starved, and lived a depraved and amoral lifestyle worshipping at the altar of secularism while pretending to worship Allah. He used others for personal aggrandizement and always put the Palestinian cause behind his own, believing wrongly that what was good for Yassar was good for his people.

The Christian in me feels compelled to forgive. I will have to work on that. Praised as a hero, martyr, and Nobel Prize winner by the media, to me Arafat represented so much that was wrong with the world. A dictator and a thug who was worshipped by the secular crowd while he also worshipped them. Yassar Arafat goes now to hell where he will spend eternity and, if there is justice in the afterlife, see the descendents of Abraham that he slaughtered standing above him denying him water to quench his thirst. May his victims now rest in peace and may Arafat never rest.