CNN Presents, famed for phony stories on Vietnam, is looking at those dastardly evangelicals. So far we are only eight minutes in. Already they have looked at a crazy evangelical looking to keep a Presbyterian minister from marrying gays. The show, right now looking at Presbyterians, does not mention that it is looking at the Presbyterian Church USA, which is the most liberal branch of Presbyterians.

The reporter, of course, cannot wait to throw out the “judge not lest you be judged” line to a Presbyterian who has a habit of filing heresy charges against Presbyterians. The Presbyterian responded that he is not judging, just seeking to have preachers follow the Bible.

Much to confirm the stereotypes of wacko fundamentalists, they have a cute little red headed girl say non-believers are going to hell. Very true, but I could have predicted CNN doing that. The only thing they didn’t do was ensure the little red headed girl was not herself pregnant with a thick southern accent.