@!*# The Old People


One of the guys at MSNBC asked me what Bush would push. I said he’d do exactly what he said he’d do: reform the tax code and reform social security. [Note to message gatekeepers: I did use the word ‘privatize’]

The guy’s response to privatizing social security was, “[Screw] the old people. They voted for Bush. They get what they deserve.” I agree. A stronger social security system that won’t go bankrupt in the next thirty years will be advantageous for all of us, even with the upfront costs we will have to bear. See here:

President Bush on Thursday set the stage for a monumental legislative battle by placing Social Security reform at the top of his second-term agenda, even though he acknowledged that no long-term fix would be pain-free.

Although he did not embrace a specific blueprint, Bush said the starting point for discussions was a set of recommendations that in all likelihood would run up the federal debt and reduce government-paid benefits for workers who chose to set up private retirement accounts.

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