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A lot of media outlets have given lip service to bloggers this year; yet, only one treats blogs with credibility. MSNBC is engaged in a unique experiment — the blogging of the Presidency.

Anyone with an email address is invited to take part. I have been asked to assist as a live blogger at MSNBC throughout the remaining days of the election. If you want to participate, there are several ways.

First and foremost, you should consider signing up as a Citizen Journalist. MSNBC wants to hear from you. They want on the ground, real time reporting from you. What was your experience at the polls? How are the candidates implementing their ground game? Let MSNBC know. You can share with them by signing up as a citizen journalist at

Second, one of my tasks will be to surf the net and find out what bloggers are thinking and saying. Unlike other networks, Rick Kaplan and the team at MSNBC recognize that a large number of major media stories this year first broke in blogs. I’ll be surfing for breaking news to make sure MSNBC gets it on air and on their website.

If you have a blog that you think I need to look at, email the link to msnbc[at]erickerickson[dot]org. I’ll check it out and see about getting it on MSNBC’s blog or, if possible, on air. MSNBC is rapidly becoming the network for the blogosphere. The blogging of the Presidency will only expand that.

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  • Unified Terrorist Watch List Still Does Not Exist
    After 9/11 our whole country agreed that we needed a master terrorist watch list, for example, something that that FBI field agent in Minnesota could log into and type the name “Mousouwi”, and bingo, no 9/11. Sounds pretty basic.

    But over three years later, under the failed leadership of George W. Bush, no such list exists. Hard to believe.

    In August the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security issued an internal report on Bush’s failure (

    On page 11,

    “…in the years since the September 11 terrorist attacks, just as in the past, the government has continued to implement solutions in an uncoordinated manner.”

    On page 20,

    “As a result of not having enough employees, some consolidation activities are inadequately staffed or not getting done at all.”

    On page 16,

    “Given the lack off central leadership and oversight of current watch list consolidation efforts, matters such as planning, budgeting, staffing, and requirements definition continue to be dealt with on an ad hoc basis..”

    Yes folks, this is the story straight from your own Department of Homeland Security: QUOTE..lack of central leadership..UNQUOTE. Does this make you feel safer? Check it out yourself on the Department of Homeland Security website.

    President Bush talks a good line on being tough, but the bottom line is Where’s the Beef Mr. Bush. Americans are wise enough to know that all the conviction in the world is no substitute for competence.

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