The Macon Telegraph, local paper of record for Middle Georgia, posted this editorial today. The editor writing it, Phil Dodson, basically says, “Hey, we’ll keep being liberal because we don’t really care to fit in around here with you damn red staters.”

That is all well and good, but the editorial board of the Telegraph panders in drivvel to liberal constituencies more often than not. How idiotic can they be? Check out this from today’s editorial.

For example, in the recently-concluded General Election, more than 70 percent of Georgia voters backed the amendment to the state Constitution defining marriage, among other things, as a union of one man and one woman.

The Telegraph board was unanimous in opposing this amendment – not because it banned gay marriages, which we explained, but because members felt the amendment would violate the state Consitution, and that we do support.

With apologies to those who may be offended by blunt and crass language — no shit, Phil?!

Why amend a constitution if you are going to amend it to agree with itself? That has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever read on the pages of the Telegraph.

So Phil, had you been around in the 1800’s, would you have opposed the 13th Amendment to the Federal Constitution because it banned slavery? After all, the Federal Constitution said slavery was okay. On your logic for opposing the gay marriage amendment, you, Charles (!), and Barbara would have had to oppose an amendment banning slavery. To quote you, “the amendment would violate the . . . Constitution.”

I think that is the whole purpose for amendments, Phil. When you want to do something that goes against the constitution — like banning slavery — you have to amend the constitution.

What you and the editorial board dance around in your patronizing editorial is the fact that you have no problem with homosexuals marrying homosexuals, the vast majority of your readers do, so you came up with some lame ass excuse to oppose the amendment without actually admitting you are a liberal.

The Telegraph did the same thing with its endorsements. In the primaries, the Telegraph endorsed Charlie Bishop in the Republican primary and Bob Fountain in the Democratic primary because the editorial board thought the County Commission needed someone with experience in the Chairman’s office.

Well, Bob Fountain lost in the primary and in the general you endorsed Lance Randall, who beat Bob. Why did you endorse Lance? Because, despite knowing all the dirt on Lance and refusing to report it (can you say porn king, among other things) now you wanted a “fresh face” instead of experience. But, hold the phone, you endorsed Bert Bivins over Linda Poole(to be fair, I would have done that too) and Joe Allen over Maurice Atkinson because you wanted experience and stability on the board. In internet language: WTF?!

The fact is that the Telegraph, in the general election, only endorsed one Republican — Johnny Isakson, who is the most moderate Republican to have run statewide in some years.

The Telegraph Editorial Page is always the first — and usually the only — to spot racism in the Middle Georgia Community and the last to spot good governance. In short, the opinions espoused by the Telegraph editorial board generally make as much sense as opposing amending the constitution because, dear God, the amendment might actually amend the Constitution.