If nothing else, at least Bush’s victory has shut up the likes of Barbra Streisand and Michael Moore.

Perhaps they will not leave the country as they have promised to do. The world would be a better place if all the lefty Hollywood types moved to France and stayed there.

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  • Consider this a metaphorical slap to the face. Wake up and consider that one of the things that’s so wonderful about the United States is freedom of political expression. Having said that, I fervently hope that, should Streisand, Moore and their ilk remain vocal Americans, you continue to exercise your right of political expression to continue criticizing them.

    I’m sure the tone of your post was unintentional, but I doubt you *really* want to stifle dissent in the US.

  • I don’t think E.E. was attempting to “stifle” them. I think he was mocking them. That is what imbeciles deserve.

    I for one enjoy imagining how angry Moore surely is. I myself picture him screaming at whatever woman he pays to sleep with him, drinking a bunch of wine coolers, scarfing down about 27 Krispy Kremes, and swallowing a bottle of Paxil. What a loser.

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