Senator Trainwreck


That is the Dark Lord Krempasky’s nickname for Tom Coburn — not meant in a hostile way. Here is a good profile. Needless to say, NARAL is having an “Oh Sh**” moment.

Coburn knows that the Senate’s “process” — mastery of its rules — may be the key to his hopes of restraining spending and passing conservative social legislation.

“My goal is to learn the rules as well as Robert Byrd,” he said, referring to the 45-year veteran West Virginia Democrat who has been steeped in the Senate’s traditions and procedural minutiae longer than anyone.

“I promise you I will be sleeping every night with that book,” Coburn said, referring to former parliamentarian Floyd Riddick’s compilation of Senate precedents. “And I’m reading the history of the Senate to see how the rules are used, because I’m going to use the rules. That’s how you get things done, and whoever knows the rules gets the most done.”

Oh, who did he hire as Chief of Staff? Michael Schwartz, a conservative activist who will not make trite sacrifices for the conservative cause.

This is going to be one fun six year term. I’m glad he is on our side.

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