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Hat tip to Tim Graham for this piece by Robert G. Kaiser. Folks, let’s all agree to some ground rules for 2008. If someone in the MSM actively promotes one of our guys for President, let’s immediately reject him. Either they are setting us up for a stinker or they really like the guy, in which case he is probably too liberal.

Take Chuck “I Fought In Vietnam too” Hagel. Do we really want this guy running? He’s bad enough in the Senate.

Hagel, 58, is not your standard-issue politician. He is outspoken, does his own reading, thinking and even writing, and has the capacity to charm Nebraskans, foreigners, even Democrats. Richard Fellman, a liberal Democrat and professor at Hagel’s alma mater, the University of Nebraska at Omaha, calls Hagel “the best Republican senator this state has had since George Norris,” Nebraska’s one certifiable political giant, who supported both Roosevelts and the New Deal. [Did I mention he fought in Vietnam too?]

Granted, no one ever said John F. Kerry had the “capacity to charm,” but does the rest of that sound a bit familiar — like a xerox copy of what the MSM said about Kerry.

Hagel is tainted by his own ego and the love of an anti-GOP press. If he ever spoke out in favor of the GOP, the press would feel betrayed and destroy him anyway.

Stay in the Senate, Chuck. Besides, you and Frist need to look at the track record of senators becoming President.

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