Netherlands hospital euthanizes babies


The latest news story on Drudge is the shocking announcement that the Groningen Academic Hospital in the Netherlands has already begun mercy killings of terminally ill newborns by administering a lethal dose of sedatives.

In an article at the Center of Bioethics and Culture Network, Dr. Henk Jochemsen discusses “Life termination of severely handicapped babies,” which mentions Groningen Academic Hospital and it’s “protocol.”

Personally, I was sickened when I read the Drudge headline. What do the readers think?

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  • “What do the readers think?”

    I for one just shake my head in disgust everytime one of these stories come up. Yesterday the AP (I think) released results of a poll where they asked people whether potential Supreme Court justices should state their opinion on killing babies. I is abominal that we actually have to wonder what peoples position is on killing innocent babies. I can only pray that future generations will be able to look back on this sad period as disgusted at us as many of us look back on the period of slavery.

  • Well, they are just a few weeks older than those who suffer partial birth abortion, aren’t they? How many of those babies would survive outside the womb if allowed to? How many are perfectly normal?

    Sad state of affairs when the loudest voices cry out against using animals in testing of make-up, etc, yet have no problem with partial birth abortion. Sick, huh.

    Something is really wrong with the Netherlands and its extreme liberal policies but they may be waking up to the errors in their ways after the murder of Van Gogh.

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