For my initial foray into the world of blogging, I thought I’d go out on a limb and write about – golf. Yeah I’ve written about a thousand golf articles and even a book based on golf; but guest blogging on this site is REAL pressure. So here goes…

Paul Casey has a problem. The Englishman is a world reknowned golfer, ranked #28 in the world, a member of the 2004 European Ryder Cup Team that annihilated America’s top players, and recently teamed with Luke Donald to win the 2004 World Cup of Golf. He has an attractive American girlfriend, a skillful American coach, and a beautiful American house in a great American community. His college education was funded by taxpaying Americans at Arizona State University. So what’s his problem?

Well, he hates Americans. That’s right, Americans are stupid, annoying and uncultured idiots according to Mr. Casey. Oh wait, it gets better. Mr. Casey has also decided that his rightful place is among us “stoopid Amerikans” by playing on America’s PGA Tour full time next year.

Now I would never suggest doing something idiotic against someone, especially at a sporting event (save that for Pistons’ fans) but if Paul Casey hits one into the water at the 18th during the BellSouth Classic – I know one voice that will cheer the sight. Even more, it might be a ball he paid for, since his comments lost him his main sponsor – Titleist. Looks like Mr. Casey will need some balls to play here in 2005.