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Tony Blankley has this to say:

It’s not that the Democrats lost an election, obviously both parties have lost numerous elections. But never before in my memory — which goes back faintly to 1956 — has either party in its loss reacted with such venomous contempt for the American people.

. . . .

This dominant sentiment of the Democratic Party elite — that scores of millions of Americans are categorically unacceptable as fellow countrymen — is evidence of a cancer in the soul of that party. These Democrats, quite expressly, are asserting that “Christers,” people who believe in the teachings of Jesus as described in the inerrant words of the Bible, are un-American, almost sub-human. Some of these Democrats would rather secede than stay in the same country with such people. If they were in the majority with no need to secede, what would they do? Their bigoted and absolutist view of religious people is at least a second cousin to the Nazi view of the Jews.

In Europe, the few remaining people of faith have recently taken to calling the increasingly more adamant European secularist majority “secular fundamentalists.” While that phrase is unfair to the perfectly respectable fundamentalist religious sentiment, it shows how much more harsh and filled with fear the religious/secular divide is becoming.

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