Liberal Racism


Jeffrey Rosen at the New Republic has an article about conservative judges. He divides them into two groups: the activists that must be fought and the others who, though troubling, can be allowed to pass without serious antagonism.

Look at his list. It seems to me that he lists all the minorities who happen to have conservative views in the dangerous “conservative activist” list. Yes, you know, how dare these uppity blacks and latinos dare think anything other than what the liberal NEA members at their improverished schools taught them to think. They are obviously in need of re-education or incareration. Blacks like Janice Rogers Brown (and Condi Rice for that matter) are just not allowed to think for themselves and have views that differ from Jesse Jackson.

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  • Of course the Democrats are going to try block any minority apponited position during the Bush presidency. If the republicans can’t get minorities appointed the jobs high in admin. then the democrats can continually get away with calling republicans racist, which would secure the minority votes in future elections. The democrats don’t want the true history of how they have kept minorities a low class. Not to many people now that 60% of democrats voted for the right to vote act in 1964 compared to 80% of republicans. That is what scares the demcrats about this admin., he appeals to all people no matter what race, religion, etc…

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